Montag, 22. April 2013

Der kleine Klavierspieler

Zu diesem Video aus  der Fussgängerzone von Malaga ist mir die Geschichte vom kleinen Klavierspieler in den Sinn gekommen. (courtesy "The Prairie Home Companion"):

A guy walks into a bar, takes a small piano out of his back bag, puts it on the bar, then a tiny stool and  finally out of the bag comes a little piano player. 

The little piano player starts playing.  

Bartender says "how'd you get that little guy to play the piano like that?"

The guy says "I have a magic genie, you can have one wish from it"

The bartender looks at the little piano player and wishes for a million bucks.

A moment later he  sees  a million ducks flying away from the bar.

Bartender says "HEY, your genie doesnt work! I asked for a million bucks and I got a million ducks!"

The guy looks him in the eyes, takes a deep breath  and says: "Do you really think I asked for a little piano player?""

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